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The Landing Bistro & Bar

The Landing Bistro & Bar – offers a unique escape from the energy of Provincetown. Recharge with our acclaimed craft cocktails, savor one of our many outstanding wines, and feast on dinner at the Landing. Under the direction of Chef Dan, seasonal menu showcases an array of fresh vegetables and fruits, local seafood, organic meats and poultry. We are pleased to feature globally inspired cuisine in partnership with a number of local producers. Whether you join us for a cocktail or a meal, one thing is for certain, you won’t soon forget the experience.

The Landing Bistro & Bar Hours: We are open Thursday through Sunday.  Serving dinner 5-9 PM.

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Chef Dan Jaffe

Dan is a native Wellfleetian who started cooking at 13 years old. He started working for Don Reeves at PJ’s, who to this day remains an inspiration. He would also go to the back door of Aesop’s Tables and be given a wide range of different food from Stack Kenney. At 18, He started cooking at there on saute, which opened his eyes and allowed him to realize the possibilities of creativity with food. As a result for 27 years he has tried and sought out ways to keep his palette eclectic from Italian food to steak houses to Thai cuisine, as well as spending 10 years studying and making sushi in California. More recently, and locally, he has worked at Sol and Terra Luna. Dan joined Pilgrim House in spring 2018 and is already building a following bringing “farm to table” Pur Sous-Chef name Andrew Cottrel.


we are proud to be energy efficient.

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